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Welcome to Aqua Vie

 Aqua Vie Ltd is a Family run business by Jan Jordan and Karen Logan.

We are located in Leicester and Hertfordshire. We teach Adult swimming using the "Shaw Method", based on the Alexander Technique in Watford and Leicestershire.

We also run Baby and childrens swimming lessons with Parent and Child classes in Herefordshire and Herts, also throughout the Midlands and Leicester.

Jan Jordan is MStat qualified and also gives private Alexander Technique lessons in Watford.

We have specialised in babies for over 12 years and can give parents guidance on their babies movement and any difficulties that children may have. We focus on calm interaction with the water so looking at true water confidence, changing our relationship with the water for both adults, children and babies.

Adult swimming

  • Based on the Alexander Technique "Shaw Method"
  • Easy to learn without uneccessary effort
  • Learn to swim with grace and ease
  • Antenatal classes
  • Group & Individual

See our course pages for locations.

Parent and Baby swimming classes:

  • Starting from 0 - 4yrs old
  • Have fun in the water with your child
  • Learn water confidence and pool safety
  • Teach your children necessary pre-swimming skills
  • Hydrotherapy temperature pools
  • Small groups weekly classes in different areas
  • Two parent classes available
  • Mixed Sibling classes

Childrens swimming lessons:

  • From Beginners to advanced
  • Stroke technique
  • 3 - 5yrs Water confidence lessons
  • Water safety and fun
  • Pre-swimming skills taught
  • Individual lessons London
  • Group lessons Leicester
  • Summer intensives

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