Adult Swimming Lessons in Chesham, Buckinghamshire

Aqua Vie offers adult swimming lessons in Chesham, Buckinghamshire. Watch our testimonial videos to see what our customers think.

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Chesham Adult Swimming Lessons

Location: Heritage House, Chesham
Days: Wednesday evenings

 Wendy Leigh (red swimsuit) takes a swimming lesson from Jan Jordan from Aqua Vie, at the pool in the Pestana Hotel Spa, Chelsea Bridge Wharf.
Jan teaches Wendy the Old English Backstroke and helps her to get the right position in the water with a back float.
Photo by Lucy Ray

Our Approach

Swimming is one of the most enjoyable forms of exercise. Practised correctly, the non weight-bearing effect of the water allows a whole body, low impact activity. Sadly, many of us are taught at a young age in a hands-off manner, in groups too large to have any individual attention. Later in life, many people find themselves trying to enjoy swimming, but find themselves anxious in the water, without the stamina to swim for very long. They may give up, in frustration, with a strained neck and tired shoulders.

Jan Jordan has been teaching swimming to adults children and babies since 2003. After learning The Alexander Technique, as a pupil,  she discovered  Shaw Method of Swimming and Watsu (Water Shiatsu). The Shaw Method of Swimming, is a swimming technique, devised by Steven Shaw, that applied the discoveries of F.M. Alexander to the water. The technique made it enjoyable to swim, for longer and without straining the body. She spent the next three years studying the Alexander Technique to become an Alexander Technique Teacher. From her training completed in 2006 she has developed the only Alexander Technique baby swimming and Therapeutic Alexander technique in water.

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Adult Swimming in Hertfordshire

Aqua Vie also offers adult swimming lessons in two swimming pools in Hertfordshire close to London.

For further details and to book a lesson, please contact or phone 01923 245773