We have over a decade of experience providing fun and valuable classes for parents and babies; Find out about our philosophy. 

Mother and baby enjoying the water.

Our classes are small; and take place in warm Hydrotherapy pools. The warm water is essential for children’s muscle relaxation and comfort in water. Because our sessions are small we are able to give each child some individual attention in each session. We help you build your confidence in the water with your baby each week, so that you know how and what to do outside of the classes. Watch our testimonial videos to see what our customers think.

We have several mothers who are non-swimmers and their babies have progressed at the same rate as those babies whose families swim. Each session is with parent and child together in the water, and if there is room in the pool both parents are welcome. You can start your baby from 0 to 3 years old. It is a wonderful family activity. We also do mixed sibling classes as many of our parents have their second or third children now.

"We never force activities and the emphasis is on fun and safety in the water."

We work on confidence and fun singing songs and playing games. The class is structured we show you how to develop the pre-swimming skills with your baby through games that enhance the physical development of your child. We teach you how to swim with your baby and water safety. We work on getting in and out of the pool, learning how to hold on and confidence going under water. We don't use floats as this stops the children developing their own buoyancy skills. The idea is that you are your child’s support in the water until they become independent. We never force activities and the emphasis is on fun and safety in the water.


"You can never start too soon"

You can never start too soon; it has in the past been recommended that you start at 3 months after their immunisation program. It has been found that it makes no difference see http://www.immunisation.org.uk for more information. We have several 18 month old children who are independently climbing in and out of the pool and with complete confidence and swimming underwater to pick up toys or to swim to the side of the pool.  We have also had three babies floating independently at 8-9 months old.

This is the result of regular classes and water exposure. Their physical development, strength and co-ordination are well advanced due to these swimming activities. Evidence shows that this type of activity helps to develop social and stimulates intellectual skills for children who follow this type of program. It has also been found to be especially beneficial for premature babies.

We are all born with a natural dive reflex or swallow reflex its what prevents us from drowning when we eat and drink fluids. As babies have a memory of floating from being in the womb and completely submerged in fluid for 9 months. At around 5 to 6 months after birth they start to lose this memory of floating in the womb and so in order to submerge it has already become less natural to them, and so need to learn how to do it. If you start your baby before 6 months they can retain their memory of floating and submersion is simple and easier for them. We recommend to start around 6 weeks old if baby and mother are both well enough. We also encourage fathers to come into the pool.

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