Pregnancy and the Alexander Technique

The strains of pregnancy and childbirth can be reduced by learning how to use this famous postural technique.

The principles of the Alexander Technique can be applied to the changes and adaptations that occur during pregnancy, through childbirth and into caring for a new baby.

  • Coping with weight of the growing baby
  • Learning movements and positions to facilitate and ease natural labour
  • Avoiding pregnancy complaints such as backache, breathlessness and tiredness

Postnatal Alexander Technique

The stress of pregnancy can take its toll on the body. The weight of the baby taking the mother out of normal balance, combined with the hormones released during later stages to aid the birthing process contributes to softening of the joints, allowing alignment of the spine to come under threat. Any underlying problems may show at this time, with lower back pain such as sciatica and problems of reduced flexibility as a result. Following the birth, these problems can become compounded by lifting the baby, as well as heavy equipment.

Happy mums have happier babies

Group courses help you learn how to manage carrying the baby and the extra equipment without doing damage, how to protect your back, release strain and thereby reduce pain. Learn how to help your back while spending time with the baby, and recover healthier sleeping patterns by reducing tension; learn how to interact with your developing baby in such a way that you help yourself to return to normal at the same time. Your teacher will use gentle hands-on guidance and verbal explanations to help you find ease and balance within yourself in simple movements and everyday activities.

Improving the way you move, look and feel.

You can improve how you move, look and feel as these testimonials make clear. An Alexander pupil commented: "You feel an amazing lightness, like you've been suddenly given the body of someone ten years younger," Isabel Brook, 38 Actor "My neck pain has completely disappeared and I have suffered no problems with my back. The Alexander Technique has helped me adjust to my changing shape and shifting centre of gravity."