Find out how Aqua Vie's teaching is different, and more effective for learning to swim.

The way in which a child is taught to swim will affect their lifelong relationship with water. An impersonal, or pressured teaching environment can set the tone of swimming, as a distressing, uncomfortable experience. This impression of swimming may well carry through to adulthood, and be difficult to shake. 

At Aqua Vie, we teach children to swim using the Shaw Method, Based on the Alexander Technique. At the core of this teaching, is the individual attention that each child gets from the teacher, progressive and easy to learn steps that build towards the aim of swimming with ease, correct body use & enjoyment. Most of all, our classes are fun! With age appropriate games to reinforce the underlying method. 

Due to the high level of training our teachers must attain to teach Alexander Technique based swimming, we have a very high demand for a small number of places. As a result of our methods our groups are very small, teaching in big groups does not allow a child to receive enough one to one attention. 

Underpinning knowledge is taught to children before we concentrate on stroke, this enables the child to become fully water confident and enables the child to learn the stroke more accurately and at the appropriate age.